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Bollard Sleeves or Bollard Covers

A steel pipe bollard (static bollard) can be painted or covered by a maintenance free, domed polyethylene bollard sleeve.  We can have bollard sleeves at your site for a cost very near what you would pay to paint them, and a sleeve has no maintenance.  We have never replaced one. Our Decorative Bollard Sleeves can disguise the plain steel pipe bollard to look as if it were a much more expensive bollard, such as bollards made of cast metal. The Deco Bollard Sleeve, Metro Bollard Sleeve, and Sloped Bollard Sleeve (¼”polyethylene thermoplastic covers) are a low cost way to dress up any standard 6 inch steel pipe bollard.  These bollard sleeves are designed to last for many years, and never need maintenance.  The combination of a steel pipe bollard and a decorative sleeve or ornamental sleeve is much stronger than a precast bollard alone, and an ornamental bollard is usually a great deal more expensive, usually more than double the cost. 
   Bollard Sleeves   Yellow Polyethylene  Bollard Sleeves   BOLLARD SLEEVE COLORS

 Ornamental Bollard Sleeves

   Fits 6” Bollards


               Deco Bollard Sleeve Deco Black Bollard sleeve             Metro Bollard Sleeve METRO Bollard Sleeve           SLOPED Bollard SleeveSloped Bollard Sleeve

REMOVABLE Bollard with DECO Sleeve
Burleson, Texas  Railroad Sidewalk
Bollard Sleeves
 Emanuel CollegeRemovable Bollard Sleeve  Multiple REMOVABLE Bollards with DECO Sleeves
Emanuel College Removable Bollards at Emanuel College


 Trader Joes DECO Bollard SleevesBollard Covers Installed at Trader Joe's   DECO Sleeves Color Choices Deco Bollard Sleeves In Row

RIBBED Bollard Sleeves

Fits 6”, 8”, & 10” bollards

 Ribbed Light Granite Bollard Sleeve


 Ribbed Light Granite Bollard Sleeve

 Bollard Sleeves - Light Green . Black . Dark GreenRibbed Green Bollard Sleeve
           Metro Lighted Bollard Sleeves – Solar

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