Removable Bollards

Removable Bollards

Removable Bollards

Our Removable Bollards are the finest bollards designed for minimum installation depths, yet convenient with simple operation.  A big advantage and a primary reason they have been chosen for many multi-level garage facilities, is the depth below surface can be as little as 7 inches, with 10” being recommended for normal installations.

Our Removable bollards provide a secure and affordable option for traffic access control.

  • Polyester Polymer Coated or Stainless Steel
  • Height: 30 or 36 inches above ground
  • Fold-away hidden handle – Removable operation is quick and easy
  • Internal lock for safety – multiple bollards are keyed alike –  turn the key and lift.
  • Superior quality – Competitively priced – Designed to last for years
  • Reflective tape for high visibility – Yellow or Red
  • Keep Parking lots secure, but accessible – Stop unauthorized driveway use– Private roads will remain personal – alleys are now private and secure.
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Our two feet in ground Steel Pipe Ground Sleeve, receives our 6 5/8” x 6’ bollard (4 feet above ground) and this combination will provide a Removable bollard.  This heavy-duty protection against vehicular intrusion becomes an attractive, Decorative Bollard with the addition one of our Decorative Bollard Sleeves, yet looks great and is very competitively priced – nearly one half the cost of a Decorative bollard which have minimum crash protection.

TWO Removable Bollards  with Decorative SLEEVE on Steel Pipe Removable Bollards REMOVABLE STEEL PIPE BOLLARD with DECO Sleeve
TWO Decorative SLEEVE Removable Steel Pipe Bollards Deco Sleeve – Removable Bollards – Emanuel College REMOVABLE  STEEL PIPE BOLLARD with DECO Sleeve



The Bollard Solutions Parking Place saver or Parking Post – is made of SCH 40 Steel, and has a protective Galvanized undercoat with a final coat of Black Polyester Polymer for a durable finish.  To be easily noticed, Two Yellow Reflective Bands circle the top.  This bollard is the most competitive removable bollard on the market, and very easy to install, as the total depth in ground is only 10”.  An in ground eye-bolt combined with an eye-bolt through the Parking Place Saver furnishes a place for your locking device and provides a product that can be only removed by its owner.

  Removable Bollard Yellow  FOLD DOWN bollard - WHITE Reflector Banda
        Bollard Solutions Signature Removable
       Fold Down Bollard

 Keep Parking lots secure, but accessible Stop unauthorized driveway use Private roads will remain personal – alleys are now private and secure.

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