Steel Pipe Bollards

Steel Pipe Bollards

The purpose of most bollards is to prevent vehicular intrusion beyond the point at which they are installed.  By far the most typical and least expensive bollard is a steel pipe bollard, or pipe guard, usually 6 5/8 inches in diameter, buried 2 or 3 feet in ground, and extending 4 feet above ground.  The steel pipe bollard is usually surrounded by a 16 inch to 3 foot wide concrete footing with the interior of the steel pipe also being filled with concrete.  If the bollard is to be surrounded by a sidewalk, the footing usually can be smaller.

Steel Pipe Bollards in Bulk

If you require static or stationary bollards to protect utilities, sidewalks, or property, we can supply you steel pipe bollards, and recommend a contractor type who will install them.  We have supplied as few as 8 Steel Pipe Bollards to a contractor in California, 171 to the DENVER AIRPORT and 232 to a South Florida recycle facility……….. so I know we are competitive and can save you money.   


Bollards for new buildings: we will be more competitive than your steel supplier – he is using new steel – we are supplying new ‘seconds’ which have had any flaw cut away, and is primed to prevent rust!

ALL WE NEED IS FIVE DIMENSIONS:   QUANTITY – WIDTH X LENGTH – WALL THICKNESS – COATING (prime or galvanized)  –  and your  ship to ZIP code.

SCH10 (wall thickness) Steel Pipe Bollards are by far the most popular choice.  As most bollards are filled with concrete, SCH10 will NOT bend upon collision and are your most economical choice.  If your client insists on SCH40, the cost is about $40 more per bollard.

We usually can have bollards on your job site FIVE business days after your order.  We are attentive to details, and will keep you informed of where your shipment is until it arrives at your site.

Stainless Static Bollards


              Steel Pipe Bollards                      Steel Pipe Bollards       Steel Pipe Bollards                     

                          BMW UK – Static Bollards

Stainless 4.5 x 36in Bollards

FIXED Stainless 6in x 36in Bollard


            Static Slanted 102 stainless

  Static Stainless –Slanted

   High Security Fixed Bollard


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